Welcome to my Page and my Randomness

22. Single. Filipina. Catholic. 5'4'' . HAPPY ☺

I created this page coz' I used to want a blog-site, I blogged on my friendster account btw, I planned on getting one at Blogspot too but my Schedule's been changing and I rarely have time to post things so i thought of an easier way. I usually blog nonsensical things. I can be the most creative of a person, but I can also be a boring one. So chill!


I DON't drink.I DON't smoke. but i DO dance in the rain ^_^..


I blog when im sad,
I blog when i feel bad
I blog when i feel like my world's fallen apart,
I blog when I'm broke
I blog when i'm BORED
I blog when i Feel STupid
I blog when i'm HAPPY
I blog when i'm proud
I blog when my day is special.
I blog to eliminate gap
I blog but not just for you
I blog to make this world a better place.
I blog and Sing in the shower
I blog and SMILE
I blog to breathe
I blog and I let it all out.

i'd like to make myself believe that the planet earth turns slowly -owlcity

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It means No Worries <3 ;) 
 for the rest of your days ;) #lifeisablessing

It means No Worries <3 ;)
for the rest of your days ;) #lifeisablessing